Global company. Local solutions.

InEvent offers global companies excellent business support.

InEvent's appeal is global, with customers in 5 continents and over 35 countries with streams that have reached audiences across over 180 countries.

We have experience with worldwide events; supporting company needs with language, time zone, currency, and local integrations to deliver the level of service your business needs.

We provide local support to customers in four key regions across the globe.

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Servers in two locations

We have servers in two locations. Our server in Virginia, USA, serves clients in the US and Canada, while the other server in Dublin, Ireland, serves clients in the UK and the European Union.

Compliance with local regulatory requirements

We follow Data Processing Agreements (DPA) and Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) with each of our sub-processors. These agreements ensure that each sub-processor operates in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), subject to data processing best practices and other applicable privacy laws. Our Data Processing Agreement is reviewed yearly and satisfies all current GDPR requirements.

Access multiple currencies in our all-in-one dashboard.

Controle de impostos específicos por país

O IVA permitiu a emissão de bilhetes para clientes europeus.

Apoiar métodos de pagamento locais

We want you to tell your story in the most natural way possible. The whole world is watching, so give them a show!

Obter taxas de câmbio rápidas

Carregue seus clientes em euros e seja pago em dólares facilmente.

Sistema disponível em mais de 180 idiomas

Traduza o sistema para seus clientes locais

Get encoding available for any platform, including Chinese and non-UTF-8 characters.

Oferecer o mesmo evento em vários idiomas

O sistema irá detectar o navegador ou aplicativo do cliente para exibir o conteúdo no seu melhor idioma.

Fusos horários ao redor do mundo para regiões

Assign each event to a specific time zone, so your calendar is synchronized with the appropriate time zone.

  • “Follow the sun” support model enables your organization to get professional handoffs across multiple time zones while delivering a faster resolution to new requests.

  • Assign the time zone to each of your events, so you can track them on a consolidated dashboard.

  • 24/7 support available to all time zones conducted by human consultants.

Global company. Local Solutions.

Get support in any of our 4 macro-regions, offering support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

Procedimentos oferecidos mundialmente no seu idioma e horário comercial.

Parceiros locais para prestação de serviços adicionais

InEvent has as partners many local providers that can deliver on-site support, developer integrations, live streaming support, audio and video studio, API development, hardware rental services, event production, and other services to your current offering.

Integrações com empresas locais

Para permitir as melhores tarifas nos seus gateways de pagamento e tarifas de ingressos.

Local services

Our services are local. We pay close attention to payment, integration, local partners, data privacy, and regulatory issues in the regions we operate.

The complete platform for all your events

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