Event management software for associations

Embrace the ease of organizing both in-person and strategic gatherings, allowing your association to focus on building stronger communities and achieving its mission.

Support your association's mission with strategic events

Events and conferences are crucial in professional associations and communities, serving as vital touchpoints to engage members, provide value, and advance their mission. These recurring annual events, whether in-person or virtual, offer opportunities for professional development, support for emerging leaders, advocacy for important issues, and empowerment for every community member.

Strengthen your association bonds with integrated event technology

Boost member and chapter engagement before, during, and after events. Save your time and deliver more value to your members by simplifying tedious planning and automating manual tasks.

  • Promote your association and chapters with custom invitation pages.

  • Drive registration and attendance with targeted email campaigns.

  • Build excitement with conference mobile apps, schedules, and updates.

  • Facilitate networking through custom attendee interfaces.

  • Capture feedback, surveys, and data to showcase membership value.

Strengthen your association bonds with integrated event technology
Maximum security and compliance for professional associations

Maximum security and compliance for professional associations

Security is paramount, especially for professional associations. Add top-tier security measures to your events and meetings. Ensure your data and communications are protected, aligning with government compliance and regulations.

  • AICPA Service Organization Control Reports.

  • EU-US and SWISS-U.S. Privacy Shield Certified.

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Compliance.

Engage members and chapter networks with immersive event experiences

Extend your reach and increase access for members through modern in-person and hybrid solutions. InEvent provides everything you need to create immersive digital event experiences that attendees will love.

  • Live stream keynotes and sessions to virtual viewers.

  • Boost engagement with gamification and mobile event apps.

  • Manage data and analytics for both online and onsite participation.

Engage members and chapter networks with immersive event experiences

Ready to amplify your impact?

InEvent provides the tools for professional associations to easily facilitate critical conversations, meetings, innovations, and progress to build communities and help maximize their mission impact for members.

Pourquoi les clients aiment InEvent

InEvent Megan Sahillioglu

“The capabilities to run multi-track events and in a way that is either able to be trained for internal teams to produce their own events, or managed through an event production team. Their support is extremely helpful. I've checked out several other platforms, and for the type of events I work this is my go-to referred platform.”

Megan Sahillioglu - Meeting Planner, National Fire Protection Association

La plateforme complète pour tous vos événements

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+1 470 751 3193

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