Marketing événementiel

Simplify and integrate your end-to-end flow using a powerful event registration solution, with personalized flows, conditional logic, flights and hotel travel, booth sales and much more.

Pages d'accueil dynamiques

Build interactive website landing pages easily with a drag-and-drop feature, eliminating the need for complex coding. These pages house all the essential information for your event. As you update your event details on the registration solution, the website stays in sync. Incorporate a multitude of assets, including text, images, videos, files, presentations, and more.

Les pages d'accueil peuvent être privées et sécurisées, les informations ne sont accessibles qu'après la connexion du participant.

Keep the entire ticketing process on-site by seamlessly integrating ticket vendors.

Des mises en page personnalisées sont disponibles pour des sites Web uniques, conçues spécifiquement pour un événement ou comme modèle pour une série d'événements.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing website by easily pulling specific modules like schedules, event maps, speakers, sponsors, and more and dynamically placing them wherever you see fit on your site.

Formes puissantes

Chaque formulaire peut être personnalisé et comporter autant de questions que nécessaire, y compris oui/non, texte simple, étoiles, options ou même fichiers. Les formulaires peuvent être généraux ou uniques pour chaque participant, ajoutant ainsi la flexibilité que vous recherchez dans votre solution d'inscription aux événements. Quelques formulaires que vous pouvez créer :

  • Registration forms can enroll your attendees after filling in your required questions.

  • RSVP forms quickly confirm or dismiss your attendees during registration.

  • Schedule forms enable your attendees to build their agenda before the event based on their ticket choice.

  • Custom forms may ask and follow up on guests to fill in additional information after the initial registration.

  • Specific lists can be created to custom forms for additional privacy, limiting access to allowed attendees.

  • Custom fields can be created for special requirements, such as passport, files, or national ID numbers.

  • Inventory control limits the number of times each option can be selected, blocking resources after hitting their total capacity.

Invitations et RSVP

Your guest can be added on a secure list for registration or RSVP confirmation purposes. You can add their names, emails, roles, or companies, which will be already pre-filled for the attendee when filling any form. You can send invites to your guests and get confirmations based on their replies using emails or SMS messages. Follow-up questions can also be sent after the initial registration, capturing the information you need with our smart and skilled chatbot AI. Your flow is simplified when using an event registration solution.

Vente des billets

Vos événements peuvent être disponibles sur un site web sécurisé pour une inscription rapide et la vente de billets. Pour chaque événement, des billets peuvent être émis et vérifiés ultérieurement à l'aide de notre solution intégrée de contrôle d'accès à l'enregistrement.

  • Tickets can be free, paid, discounted, sold in bulk, have VIP lists, or have private add-on sessions.

  • You can manage all your tickets on a single platform, creating lists, sending communications, and adding relevant information.

  • Mobile devices are synced with the cloud, available for your buyers when they need information, such as sector, type, benefits, color, etc.

Flux personnalisés

Our event registration solution is powerful and unique to fit its blocks exactly to your event and business needs. We can join different modules together to create the experience that you need, from start to finish, delivering an automated and reliable experience to your event operations.

  • For multiple stakeholders, different landing pages, buttons, or links can be available for each of them.

  • La connexion et les listes uniques peuvent sécuriser l'accès à des informations privées ou à des offres de billets spéciales.

  • Integrate legal documents and e-signature technology through pre-approved lists.

  • Les commerciaux peuvent avoir accès à leur pool de billets avec une autorisation sur invitation uniquement.

Intégrations intégrées

Your event registration solution has built-in integration with world-leading platform vendors, such as Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, and many others. These integrations allow for push data sync, which syncs your data in real time. It also enables our bi-directional sync, which pulls and sends updates from both databases, so your data is never out of sync.

  • You can include their date of purchase, purchased tickets, registration emails, attached tags, and more.

  • You can create a custom solution for your event registration data flow with our extensive API.

Sponsors & partenaires e-commerce

The power to manage all your tickets can be given to your premium stakeholders. On this secure system, sponsors, executives, sellers, or promoters can buy as many tickets as they want and then manage them with their guests, purchasing more tickets, replacing new invites, or even deleting previous contacts. Information can be uploaded through spreadsheets or approved by the event leader.

Listes e-mail et SMS

You can interact with your audience using our built-in content and message delivery tools. You can create magic lists that perform essential activities, such as follow-ups for not opening emails or guests who didn't confirm their presence.

  • Emails can be sent from your domain using integration with your DNS and InEvent servers.

  • Follow-ups can be sent automatically for specific lists, such as unanswered invitations or missing form details.

  • Statistics for each email can be seen after the email was sent, getting actual results of openings, clicks, and bounces.


Handling meetings is easy with your web or mobile event registration solution. With tight control over scheduling, sponsors can have specific quotas to access and book their meetings before the event starts. Schedules can be generated on mobile or through spreadsheets sent to your sponsor's inboxes. Feedback and notifications can be added so not a single meeting gets lost on your control center. During the event, 1:1 meetings can also be available on the mobile app to increase overall engagement for huge events.

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