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Align your activation channels to the whole mix strategy and leverage results. Create unique moments that capture valuable data and nurture better, high-value relationships.

Attract customers and generate leads

Attract customers and generate leads

Let the nature and personality of your brand immerse customers in experiences that capture relevant data through their journey. Increase experiential marketing momentum with a cutting-edge, simple to set up platform, brandable and built for data centric event marketers. Connect with more leads and create engaging connections with customers.

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Attract customers and generate leads

Do not just promote. Speed up your buyer's journey

Live marketing is a crucial channel to understand, communicate and match with potential customers. But if you can measure it, why not shorten your sales cycle? Digitize your promotional events to report data back to your CRMs, such as Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua and Dynamics. Using attendee registration data, your sales team will be more prepared to skyrocket conversion rates. Boost qualified leads, make your sales team happier and streamline the customer decision journey.

Explore event driven sales
Attract customers and generate leads

Be the ROI king and queen!

Stop the struggle to understand results. Invite guests to small VIP events or in-person visits. Or run a large trade shows with complex programs and agendas. Or maybe a product launch for media partners? Personalize each attendee experience to create the appropriate content and experience. Know where your attendee went through using various InEvent systems, such as online registration, budget management, sponsorship management, mobile apps and more. Quantify results and deliver your prime ROI.

Understand your lead journey by looking

See which steps each attendee went through, reported in a table view format. Click to learn more about each step, navigating through emails, feedbacks, polls, custom fields, expenses and revenue.

The complete platform for all your events

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