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InEvent Sustainability

Our unique products and services are designed, built and delivered with the highest standards of safety, quality and integrity by diverse teams that value each other’s differences and experiences. Whether we’re finding solutions to reduce our carbon footprint, keep our employees and customers safe, source responsibly or serve our communities — we ensure that sustainability is built in. Click below to learn how we are innovating for a better tomorrow.

InEvent is committed to protecting, connecting and exploring our world and beyond, safely and sustainably. Sustainability is rooted in our values and our stakeholders’ expectations, and it includes our focus on environmental stewardship, social progress and inclusion, and values-based and transparent governance.

Our efforts on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues has become a major part of our strategy in supporting the world toward achieving net-zero carbon goals. Our commitment to sustainability is more than working on energy efficiency and e-waste but also supporting our customers' desire to reduce their environmental footprint and energy wastes as they conduct their hybrid and onsite events.

As a software-driven company, we have also promoted sustainability by aligning our ethos with ESG goals and using the right mix of technology and design philosophy in our continuous integrations and development by building our product to help our customers reach their sustainability goals.

Our Environment Policy

  • Conduct operations in compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and InEvent policies and procedures.
  • Prevent pollution by conserving energy and resources, recycling, reducing waste, and pursuing other source reduction strategies.
  • Continually improve our environmental management system.
  • Work together with our stakeholders on activities that promote environmental protection and stewardship.

As the advanced central research and development organization of InEvent, InEvent Product and Technology teams provide innovative technologies that enable the development of future aerospace solutions while improving the cost, quality, efficiency and performance of InEvent products.

This includes finding innovative solutions around the world to improve environmental performance.

From researching alternative forms of communicating, printing, transmitting and broadcasting information and content to improving public facing issues on waste management, recycling policies and use of reusable materials, our team of technicians, technologists, engineers and scientists collaborate with research and development partners around the world to solve today and tomorrow’s environmental challenges.

InEvent has also determined the end of paper products on sales and marketing activities, including flyers to business cards. If you meet one of our members from our sales team, we will be pleased to connect you on our social networks or email newsletter, for a safe and eco-friendly relationship.

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Access to InEvent sustainability iniatitives and goals can be found with more detail using the button form below, which we will reply in 15 days with progress on your request.

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