Hospitality management software for events

Mesmerize your attendees with the best hospitality solutions in the event industry, including flights, shuttles, hotels and itineraries with mobile enablement.


You can book and manage the details of the whole 360º degree cycle of your attendees' journey: send flight confirmations through the integrated Wallet, inform them about shuttle details or link their check-in / check-out times for their stays.

  • The system can export and import custom fields based on your event type.

  • A digital voucher can handle shuttles, flights, and hotels together or through your Wallet.

  • Enable personal messages and QR Codes for each of your attendees for offline usage.

Customizable mobile pass

Your secure pass allows attendees to keep all information they need regarding flights, ground transportation, hotels, etc., under their smartphone in a safe and reliable format. Flight updates, room changes, and date/time delays are well presented in your pass and accessible through your branded mobile app or your very own personal/business email inbox for quick view. This mobile pass facilitates information retrieval and enhances all attendees' overall experience.

Room list

Never before has it been so easy to create your room list. Guests can choose their rooms from a set of available rooms or select their roommate (automatically matched to a room by our algorithm)—rooms selected from different categories, such as Premium, Standard, etc. Hotels can be connected on the platform to access the results in real-time, without any delay, and check-in guests before their arrival.

Luggage control

Together with InEvent Pass, you can easily support all your guests' luggage during their check-in and check-out operations. With pre-printed tags with QR Codes, you can share them among your guests and control them easily. Each can be tracked in real-time on the mobile staff inventory, allowing for a powerful management solution. Monitoring thousands of bags can now be done in minutes, not hours or days!

Ground transportation

Attendees may receive details on ground transportation when venues are located in crowded neighbourhoods. When shuttles are provided, your attendee will receive a customized indication of departure location and times and even know their driver better beforehand.

Our platform can also provide a centralized dashboard connected with your external GPS Internet Of Things devices to offer precise minute-by-minute locations of all your speakers, VIP attendees, government officials, and more. Estimated arrivals (ETA) are clear to all stakeholders and can automatically provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) commands to other connected modules.

Lodging Data

We know that enterprise events really need meticulous organization when it comes to sorting out all the rooms and hotel information. InEvent has this cover for you, so you can use technology to ensure optimal organization. Attendees can easily access and analyze their accommodation details including hotel name, room number and description, capacity, media files and the guest list. Deliver all this crucial information through the mobile app so they can access it from the palm of their hands.

Shuttle Service

Effectively manage your attendee journey experience from start to finish by storing transportation data to enable every attendee to know their individual shuttles, pick-up location, times, hotel and event destination. You can easily upload this information through a spreadsheet and automatically share that with all your attendees through our mobile app. Centralize all the details you need and have them readily available to everyone whenever they need, so your event is a success.

The complete platform for all your events

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