Event software for sales professionals

With InEvent, sales and marketing teams are able to implement an integrated event marketing strategy for live events. Build your events quickly using a drag and drop solution. Promote your events seamlessly and close more deals.

InEvent Sales manager

Increase sales with events

Constantly nurturing your leads on events should be a crucial process for your sales team. For real results, a tracking solution with data from your customers and prospects leads to a higher sales conversion rate. Set event driven sales at the core of your live event management strategy.

Prove business impact and event ROI

Integrating InEvent with your marketing automation, CRM, and other business systems allows you to show how your events impact sales. Companies lose crucial event connection data that could easily drive more sales. Start tracking nurtured leads by integrating InEvent with your Sales and Marketing tools seamlessly. Learn what works for your business and increase sales conversion.

InEvent Sales manager
InEvent Sales manager

Drive event attendance and engage attendees

Having the right people in the room is more important than just filling the room for your event. You can extend your investment in systems of record by integrating InEvent with marketing automation and CRM. During the event, provide them with relevant content and facilitate their connections with other attendees to create an engaging and impactful experience.

Simple and easy technology for event marketers

Go Hybrid with the InEvent Virtual Lobby

Bring your sessions, networking, sponsors, booths and meetings to your Virtual Lobby! Create multiple simultaneous breakout rooms, discover your branded venue and interact live with video for an engaging and unique experience.

Our customers from the industry

InEvent industry testimonial
InEvent testimonial

It was great to work with you (InEvent), you supported us a lot. It made our lives a lot easier and it was an honor, we are very happy. The biggest corporate event in Latin America. We are very happy. Thank you. Let's go!

Karyna V. Nardelli

Director, Santander

The complete platform for all your events

Pedro Goes


+1 470 751 3193

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