Build professional websites for your event

Built for non-techies, create a stunning website for your event in minutes.

The website you always wanted for your events without barriers and limitations

Everything you need to build your website

Feel the satisfaction of building beautiful modern websites for your events without the necessity of writing one single code line. The Website Builder technologies provides built-in tools and features for adding content, such as text, images, videos, galleries, contact forms, and social media integrations.

Developing websites made fun and easy

Just like the brick game, all you need to do is pick up a block, or in our case, a website feature, and drop it right where you want. By using a website builder, you can create professional-looking websites quickly and easily, without the need to hire a web developer or possess extensive technical skills. It simplifies the process of building and maintaining a website, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

Craft bespoke event websites

Create a personalized website for each event, containing all the information needed for your attendees. The layout of the website can be customized by choosing the required font, appropriate colors and mandatory links to the event's identity, such as direct links to the registration form.

Full customization for your event branding

Take advantage of a wide range of templates, themes, and pre-designed layouts that users can choose from as a starting point for their website. These templates are usually customizable, allowing users to modify colors, fonts, images, and other design elements to match their desired look and feel.

Seamless integration to enhance your website

Our Website Builder can be integrated with your current page through dynamic plugins, which will load only the information needed for a certain section, such as event map, calendar, speakers, sponsors, etc.

Accessibility and automation

The website can support your own domain, which automatically updates as you edit your information on your management platform. Plus, your event website may be accessible to the general public or only privately to registered participants.


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