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InEvent Cases

Finario is a cloud-based enterprise capital allocation solution that is utilised by leading companies worldwide to optimize the return on invested capital. Its application has remained second to none in helping companies with meaningful Capex budgets to replace ineffective manual processes and outdated generic solutions. Finario boosts productivity, ensures forecast and reporting accuracy, generates valuable project & portfolio insights, and accelerates effective allocation decisions.


InEvent Challenges

Before Finario chose InEvent as its event technology provider, it evaluated several (12) brands that provided similar capabilities for expanding video presence and event management proficiency for B2B companies. Each of these solutions had features and benefits that met their needs, but none of them had the complete package they were seeking; they needed to go beyond. That's why they chose InEvent.

In conversation with Rich Feldman, head of marketing at Finario, we delved deeper into the pain points they experienced before leveraging InEvent. In his words, 'Our prior platform didn't do anything poorly; it just didn't have the flexibility we wanted. Changing admin settings was a royal pain. There were limits on how many people could attend the event under the agreed license. And there was little ability to customize the experience.'
Finario InEvent

"This was perhaps most important to us. We're laser-focused on not only getting people to attend an event, but also to stay engaged and leave with a really positive impression of our brand – which can be challenging without the tools to do so. It's why we were impressed, and ultimately chose, InEvent for the production value it could add to help us tell our 'story' in the most compelling way."

"Wir haben uns viele Optionen angeschaut, und allen fehlte etwas, das uns wichtig war. Bei InEvent haben wir festgestellt, dass es alles hat, was wir wollen."


InEvent Solutions

Finario, like many companies, has embraced content marketing as one of the major pillars of its go-to-market strategy. They acknowledge the impact of leveraging video solutions to deliver their content, and that's why they're expanding their strategies with InEvent.

As most will acknowledge, the competition to attract and retain the attention of guests remains high. As a result, the need to enhance the production value of their streams is more important than ever. 'When you host an event, it better be good,' says Rich. 'The competition for the time, focus and interest of our target market is intense; if our content isn't great they won't come back'

Finario InEventVideo content is an essential component in bringing new prospects to the 'top of the funnel.' It starts, of course, with identifying a unique take on a topic that people want to learn more about. And one or more speakers who people trust have something important to say about that topic. If they ultimately choose to engage that content, you have but a few minutes to convince them that they made a good choice – so much so that they stay 'tuned in' throughout the event. That is why, at the heart of Finario's video marketing strategy, is the broadcast experience – which sets InEvent apart from its competitors.

"We offer video replays of all our webinars as that's how some of our prospects and customers choose to engage the content. Because we have more confidence in the material itself, and ways in which it is presented, we believe the impact will be significantly enhanced. Whether people who register attend live or watch the replay, we're good either way. If they've consumed the content, and feel like it provided value, we've done our job!"

In Kombination mit der automatisierten Lead-Generierung von InEvent in der nativen Salesforce-App ermöglichte die InEvent-Lösung ein detailliertes High-Level-Lead-Scoring in Salesforce mithilfe der Salesforce-Integration InEvent <> AppExchange. Leads wurden automatisch synchronisiert, sobald sie sich für das Webinar registriert hatten, und das Session-Lead-Scoring konnte verwendet werden, um die verschiedenen User Journeys auf dem Event zu unterscheiden.


InEvent Outcome

Finario InEventInEvent hilft Finario dabei, eine ständig wachsende Pipeline potenzieller Kunden aufzubauen und zu pflegen. Die Möglichkeit, ihr CRM zu integrieren, hat einen zweiseitigen Trichter geschaffen, der neue registrierte Teilnehmer aus ihren Webinaren automatisch als neue Leads direkt an ihre Salesforce sendet. Außerdem werden die Kontakte, die sich bereits in ihrer Pipeline befinden, zu ihren Event-Kampagnen hinzugefügt, um Einladungen und Informationen über bevorstehende Events und den Fortschritt in ihrem Funnel zu erhalten.

InEvent ist der Schlüssel, um sicherzustellen, dass die Inhalte erstklassig sind. Finario nutzt unser Webinar-Paket, um Live-Videos zu hosten und zu streamen, mit der Möglichkeit, TV-Erlebnisse in Echtzeit zu schaffen, die den Produktionswert der Veranstaltung steigern. Sie nutzen InEvent auch für die Bereitstellung von On-Demand-Inhalten, um die Verfügbarkeit ihrer Produktionen zu erhöhen und mehr Konversionen zu garantieren.

Another powerful tool Finario was able to get from InEvent is a boost in data analytics. One of the most important metrics the company tracks is how many people who've attended a Finario webinar register for a subsequent event. 'If they come back, it means we've earned their trust and are providing value,' says Rich. 'In that regard, we're doing very well. I'd venture to guess, in fact, that we're outpacing our peers.'

As a result, the company has increased the frequency of its webinars, built a content calendar for the next 12 months, and plans to add some entirely new formats to help 'mix it up,' as Rich says. Having events integrated with their marketing and sales efforts has helped Finario achieve their revenue goals and grow their business.

Finario InEvent

In the near future, Finario is planning to host in-person events. 'We're planning on doing live events, maybe in 2023 and certainly 2024. At that point we will start to think about that whole hybrid equation. But for now, it's virtual.'

  • InEvent profile for Rich Feldman, Leiter der Marketingabteilung von Finario
    There appears to be a general expectation that with Zoom, you can just have people appear on screen, throw up some PowerPoint slides, and that'll be all good. But it doesn't have to be that way. And I think that's what ultimately attracted us to InEvent, because it had this nice blend of quality video, sound, and a pretty decent user interface. When it added those studio features, that's what really tipped our choice in their favor. Rich Feldman, Leiter der Marketingabteilung von Finario

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