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Explore dynamic ways to collect, review, email, and publish your materials online.

Submission form

Personalize your abstract and session submission process with ease. Our offering of 10,000+ configuration options lets you tailor submission periods, topics & modes to your event type without needing customization or development.

  • Collect speaker information and content submissions using a customized Submission form.

  • Send targeted invitations, confirmations, reminders, and alerts via email.

  • Prospective speakers can submit abstracts, sessions or papers from any device with a responsive form.

Abstract management and session review

InEvent's Abstract Management Software streamlines submissions reviews with simple, automated features for multiple rounds of blind review, scoring reports, and more. Review abstracts, session proposals, videos, and presentations with ease.

  • Customized dashboards that brings all the information you need at a glance.

  • Give reviewers access to the platform to provide ratings and notes.

  • Track real-time scores, votes, and comments.

Publish abstracts online

Enable attendees to access event materials through a mobile-optimized, searchable interface. Also, provide flexibility in content visibility and a built-in Q&A for communication with presenters before the event.

  • For attendees to access, publish your final choices of event materials, such as abstracts, posters, and presentations.

  • Create a detailed agenda for your event, including sessions and breakouts.

  • Seamlessly connect your event planning and management to the InEvent platform for streamlined organization and coordination.

Reporting & statistics

Keep control of your data with our abstract management software. Get detailed meeting statistics and pull reports on any of your collected data.

If you are considering abstract management for your events, sign up for a demo today to see how InEvent abstract management feature can enhance your next event at a fraction of the cost other event management software offers.

Start running your call for abstract submissions now.

See how it works

Watch this Abstract Management full tutorial video to find out how easy it is.

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