Certificates of attendance

Award certificates to boost your attendees’ professional calibre and positively brand your public image

Every workplace requires a healthy reward system to commend employees for astounding performances, especially at workshops, webinars, and onboarding training. Employees need to feel appreciated for hitting targets and attaining milestones. Issuing them certificates is one remarkable way to motivate them to yield more positive results for your company.

The Attendee Certificate feature enables you to customize certificates from the available templates or upload your company’s template, as well as scheduling the certificates to be sent to all attendees, right after the program to save you the stress of sending them individually. This will also help with your employer branding. So why not give it a try? By subscribing to InEvent plans, you have full access to the attendee certificate feature.

Create multiple attendance certificates for your attendees with different “accomplishments” and look & feel. You are able to:

  • Select themes;
  • Customize the company logo;
  • Change the background image;
  • Customize all its contents with different wording and also dynamic contents;
  • Customize the look & feel completely;

You can send the certificate via email and attendees can view, download and print.

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