Flight, logistics and travel management

Organize and communicate flight information and logistics directly attendees

The InEvent flight management solution ensures that your attendees have a 5-star communication process even before the event begins. Creating seamless interactions with your attendees from their doorstep to your event location is key to establishing bonds that will impact positively on your business. Flight communication and logistics is part of event planner's project management and communication. Offer attendees full access to information about their flight via email and mobile app, and organize the logistics of your guests with little effort.

Upload information and flight details of each participant, indicating departure time, arrival time, airport of origin and destination, flight number and other details. Find out if a participant's flight is delayed, what their benefits are (VIP room, food requirements and others) and personal data such as travel insurance, passport or special notes. Also add a budget control of your event, both in dollars or any other foreign currency.

The complete platform for all your events

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