Gamification software

for events

Integrate our gamification features into your custom Mobile Event App. Create an immersive and interactive experience at your next event.

Supercharge exhibitor and sponsor participation with missions, scavenger hunts, and virtual prize wheels, driving booth traffic and capturing valuable leads. Track attendee progress, update leaderboards, and display event app with real-time analytics using our all-in-one event management software.

Fun and informative - all in one place

Gamification allows you to transform your event into an interactive and memorable experience that will keep your attendees engaged and informed. Interactive event gamification features so you can engage and connect with your guests like never before.

Create & customize your games

Gamification is a solution that allows you to create engaging activities for attendees based on task fulfillment. Their interactions are communicated by the attendee and moderated in the platform or live app by the administrator. These tasks are missions that can be presented in the form of a custom game of your preference and rewarded accordingly.

Missions & rewards

Stimulate attendee participation and more networking by creating missions inside your events and reward participants for its completion. Missions can be completing tasks related to the event, such as points for connecting with a fellow attendee, or for checking in a certain room with your QR code. You may also create a custom experience, such as a Scavenger Hunt for example, where points are assigned to attendees based on finishing quests. The rewards weight and logic are created at your will, and exchanging points for swags or prizes have been a favorite among our customers.

Real-time analytics dashboard

Create a unique experience for your attendees, and track their progress in real-time with our all-in-one event management software. Sync updates so attendees can view leaderboards, progress/health bar on their mobile event app, and live display screens.

Boost exhibitors & sponsor participation

Attendees get a virtual passport that gains points to win prizes when they visit exhibitor & sponsor booths. Set up missions and interactive activities like a scavanger hunt, word puzzles, and virtual prize wheel at your exhibitor booths to drive booth traffic, capture leads, and feel live display screems for attendees to see.

Event gamification for conferences and tradeshows

  • Build & design ideas, event gamification tools, concepts, and all the elements to bring them to reality with the help of InEvent.

  • Set up multiple content-oriented missions (up to 10), such as scavenger hunts, live trivia, quizzes, photo contests, and more.

  • Create reward and prize systems such as points, badges, leaderboards, and virtual prize 'spin the wheels.'

  • Capture sales and leads insights for post-event outreach.

  • Integrate into your custom Mobile Event App powered by InEvent.

  • API integration upon request.

  • On-site support by the InEvent team to promote participation and engage attendees.

Why clients love InEvent

Koteshwar Lankadasu

Koteshwar Lankadasu

Director Operations and Marketing at Coca-Cola

It was great to work together with the InEvent team! The whole experience was great, including coming down here and helping us out with everything.

Vince Humes

Vince Humes

Director Innovative Technology Solutions, Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit 5

There is more to the platform than just the technology. InEvent's people and partners are an integral part of the platform and were a significant factor in our decision to use InEvent.

Chris Repetti

Chris Repetti

Events Manager and Video Producer at Sony

The platform we used before InEvent met the need for the moment... There came a stern point where it was a combination of licenses running out for the platform, in conjunction with the urgent need to scale our production value. We wanted the series to appear in live broadcasts instead of just a PowerPoint presentation our viewers watched while listening to a voice in the background.

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