Native Microsoft integration: event management transformed

Your all-in-one event platform is now integrated with your suite of Microsoft business software. Harness the power of fully integrated CRM, Artificial Intelligence, and productivity systems for your events.

Unveiling the InEvent and Microsoft Integration

The Power of Collaboration

We are proud to collaborate with Microsoft, the largest tech provider in the corporate workplace. Through exclusive access to the MS Founder's Hub and the Azure Marketplace , we have gained invaluable insights and resources to develop innovative products and provide our clients with the ease of operating everything under one single system.

Integration for Maximum Impact

Our integration journey began with Microsoft Dynamics , where we focused on empowering clients to transform their events into efficient lead generating and customer satisfaction experiences. The native integration with MS Dynamics is a game-changer for event organizers worldwide. Sync your contacts, segment your communication, leverage analytics and close more deals.

Modernised and Efficient Communication

Recognizing the importance of streamlined communication, our integration with Microsoft Outlook bridges the gap between emails, calendars, and events. You can fully build your communication and campaigns in InEvent being sure your invitations, confirmations and schedules will also be tracked and reflected in both systems.

Unleashing the Power of AI

InEvent is the first event tech company to integrate with ChatGPT. Leveraging Microsoft's AI capabilities, we introduced intelligent automation to your events, allowing you to have a true communication assistant for your events and campaigns. Our team is continuously working on teaching our AI how to be more intelligent - stay connected and follow the ever growing developments for this product.

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A Comprehensive Event Tech Stack

As we venture further into the future, we are excited to reveal that a native integration with MS Teams is underway. Combined with our Dynamics, Outlook, and ChatGPT products, this integration will empower Microsoft users with the most robust event tech stack. You will be able to seamlessly use your MS Teams' tools without ever needing to leave your event software.

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A Decade-Long Dream Realized

For years, InEvent has been at the forefront of solving challenges faced by in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Our shared vision for technological innovation and commitment to solving the challenges the event industry faces have brought us together on this exciting journey with Microsoft. Together, we are radically changing how events are planned, executed, and experienced. Take advantage of this and yield high returns.

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