PCS Software Ignite2021 Hybrid Event

Transitioning from virtual to hybrid events with InEvent face to face and virtual software platform.


InEvent Cases

PCS Software is a transportation management platform. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), PCS Software is cloud-based, and API-integrated offering automated transportation logistics for mid to large-sized enterprise shippers, carriers, and brokers in the United States and Canada.


InEvent Challenges

PCS Software’s objective for Ignite2021 was to bring prospective customers and current customers together through hosting a community event. As we navigate a transition between a pandemic and post-pandemic world, PCS Software wanted to offer its attendees the option of a hybrid event. “For those who are not ready yet to get out into the world, we wanted to give them a virtual option as well,” says Charity Araoz, vice president of marketing at PCS Software.

PCS Software Ignite 2021 Hybrid Event

The Solution

As PCS Software focused on their transportation management platform, they did not have a team dedicated to hosting their first hybrid event. For this very reason, they turned to InEvent.

PCS Software Ignite 2021 Hybrid Event

"We didn’t have a full team to build a website and manage registrations, including managing the event on-site with an online application, so InEvent for us was an all-in-one solution."


InEvent Outcome

InEvent was able to flip the switch from in-person to hybrid events quickly and seamlessly. With a fully integrated platform, PCS Software could market their event, easily manage payments and effortlessly manage attendee registration before and during the event, if needed.

InEvent was able to help PCS Software and simplify the process for attendees who were participating in a hybrid event for the first time. Through the InEvent platform, attendees could see the event’s agenda, interact with the program and other attendees, and network with other attendees and speakers.

Why CSE Loves InEvent

Araoz was impressed with the way they could monitor registrations through the InEvent platform: “I like the back-end of the system. We could tell who’s registered. While they may not pay, they start the process. The ability to see who was pre-registering or what type of registration - were they a customer? Were they a prospect? Were they paid? Were they unpaid? Just the whole process of managing registration was one of the best features of the platform”.

PCS Software Ignite 2021 Hybrid Event


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