Digital Secure Pass

Provide an unique secure pass to each corporate event attendee

A secure pass is a feature widely used to provide functionality and security at corporate events check-ins. The secure pass works as an official credential of your corporate event.

Through InEvent's secure pass and ticketing solution, you can also provide information to corporate event attendees. The information contained in the secure pass will also be stored in the QR Code and your corporate event management platform.

  • Attendees Identity: add to the secure pass the corporate event attendees name, company, and role;
  • Types of corporate event tickets: With the secure pass you can separate tickets by specific categories, such as Simple Ticket, VIP Ticket, Gold VIP Ticket, etc. Thus, it is also possible to highlight the access gate on the secure pass at the corporate event according to the ticket category;
  • Flight: in the case of corporate events that gather attendees from multiple locations, its flight information can also be contained in the secure pass;
  • Lodging: in the secure pass add information about the hotel in which the corporate event attendee will be staying, such as name, address and check-in time;
  • Transfer: information on transfer transportation can also be informed to the corporate event attendee through the secure pass. Add to the secure pass transfers dates and times, as well as the type of the car, its plate, and the driver’s name;
  • QR Code: individual and encrypted QR Code contained in the secure pass. The QR Code is generated automatically whenever a new attendee is added to InEvent’s corporate event platform and is made available through the secure pass. The QR Code on the secure pass can only be read by InEvent corporate event platform system.

You can send to your corporate event attendees the digital secure passes both by email and by the event App. Secure passes are synchronized with InEvent's corporate event platform and any changes can be synched bidirectionally. Your secure passes are automatically updated.

In addition to encryption, the digital secure pass relies on other security features from both the corporate event attendees’ devices - email and smartphone - as well as the corporate event management platform. A secure pass is an excellent addition to the security of your corporate event.

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