Corporate travel managers

Incentive travels, corporate meetings or sales offsites are great team immersive journeys to attain and reward annual goals. Plan, book, register and amaze guests with step by step booking forms.

Corporate travel

Leverage travel experience with flight, hotel and schedule personal selection

Did you ever discover a way to book flights, hotel rooms, shuttle schedules and also onsite activities at once? Accommodate intimate trips to a board of executives or plan complex incentive travels to larger conferences. Experiences may be further customized to let guests decide on their own availability. Accommodation inventory, flight numbers, guests luggage and shuttle available in a single booking form.

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Enable hub centered communications: your official trip app

Disrupt the business travel booking experience with the first end to end mobile personal experience, with hotel, shuttle and flight in the same attendee pass. Plan activities for different groups and keep guests updated about flight delays, schedule modifications, airport pick-up and transfer times. Let participants express their preferences, such as dietary restrictions, and offer them a complete and personalized itinerary in one place.

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Capacitate, inspire and reward teams with incentives that bring ROI

Besides ensuring efficiency, Corporate Travel Managers are under constant pressure to perform and prove results. Sharpen your business acumen and take control of excursions, fam trips, annual conferences, retreats or any kind of incentive travel, end-to-end. Allow plenty of interaction throughout the program with gamifications and real time in-app interactions. Measure results from a centralized data center and get company's buy-in for all of your next projects.

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