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Introducing our suite of artificial intelligence solutions, specifically designed to automate attendee engagement, marketing, and lead generation efforts for your events.

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Find your photos quickly with AI facial recognition

  • Allow your attendees to find themselves easily in the event gallery.

  • Let attendees relive and share their favorite moments with others.

  • Curate and share HD photo albums in seconds.

Use AI to capture leads from any badge

  • Secure attendee information with a simple badge scan.

  • Organize and categorize leads efficiently.

  • Create personalized post-event email campaigns with targeted messaging using AI.

  • Use lead data insights to spot attendee trends, tailor future marketing, and boost ROI.

Real time speech to text transcription

  • Transcribe live audio streams to text in real-time using AI for broader accessibility, including those with disabilities.

  • Allow your audience to follow conversations with accurate speaker identification.

  • Transcribe text in a reader-friendly format.

  • Keep your audiences engaged, no matter what.

AI-powered event communication

  • Generate quality email messages, invitations, agendas, etc.

  • Monitor conversations to understand attendee preferences, pain points, and areas for improvement.

  • Tap into ChatGPT's ability to generate human-like text.

Automatic email verification AI

  • Natively integrate your existing email marketing platform.

  • Scan email addresses against a global database of inactive, invalid, and spam traps.

  • Reach real attendees and boost registration rates with verified email lists.

  • Gain email list health insights through detailed reports flagging potential issues.

Create and automate your event agenda with AI recommendations

  • Eliminate the time-consuming process of crafting an agenda from scratch.

  • Infuse relevant topics and themes to ensure your agenda reflects innovative discussions.

  • Receive a customized agenda blueprint based on your event theme and audience.

  • Easily refine and tailor the agenda to your specific vision and event goals.

Speed networking automatch powered by AI

  • Break the ice with a dynamic environment for attendees to connect.

  • Facilitate targeted networking opportunities that foster new partnerships and collaborations.

  • Get rid of manual attendee matchmaking to free up time for other event tasks.

  • Offer attendees a valuable networking platform to boost satisfaction and event ROI.

Ditch the lines with automated facial check-in

  • Attendees can upload photos during registration, creating a secure facial recognition database.

  • At check-in, provide attendees with facial scanning with secure AI cameras.

  • Match faces to pre-registered photos for instant access.

  • Facial recognition adds an extra layer of security.

Journey analysis reporting with InEvent AI

  • Go beyond basic metrics to understand what truly resonates with your attendees.

  • Gain a clear understanding of attendee behavior through user-friendly dashboards and reports.

  • Identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement based on real-time and historical data.

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