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Infovista is the pioneer of network lifecycle automation for the future of network communications. It was founded in 1995 and is owned by the private equity firm Apax Partners. Operating in more than 150 countries, Infovista has a total of 900+ experts that assist communications service providers (CSPs) and businesses in maximizing the benefits of next-generation wireline and wireless networks. The Infovista Group also has a business unit called Hammer, the global leader in contact center assurance. More than 400 large businesses worldwide, including 5 of the 10 largest international banks, are serviced by Hammer.


Before the pandemic, Infovista organized traditional sales kickoffs that required them to gather all their sales team in one place to deliver some key messages during the summer. According to Alexandre Le Coq, Infovista’s Global Communications Director, the pandemic changed the company’s mindset, as they not only focus majorly on sales kickoffs, but they realized that they could create more inclusive events.
In the past, Infovista held webinars with their global customer base. For so long, they’ve utilized the digital platform to deliver virtual events, but this time it was different and crucial to them because they were engaging with an internal audience.
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"This is the moment where the top management is likely to be present and reviews past performances and projections for future strategies. These are important moments for the company, and it was the first time that we had to deliver this kind of message through a fully digital platform."

Alexandre Le Coq, Global Communications Director @ Infovista

Infovista’s first event was successful. From this, they learned that they needed to make some changes to upscale their production value. “The first digital event went pretty well, but we realized that we needed an event agency to help us effectively manage our event and treat it as a specific project. Also, we realized that we had to be properly equipped from a technical perspective.” With InEvent’s in-house project managers, Infovista is exposed to that agency-like experience that they need to be guided on the best ways to utilize the platform to meet their objectives.

Infovista utilized a ‘basic solution’ that was available on the market, and after they reached the limit of the platform they needed a platform for limitless operations. “The platform was good enough for this first iteration, but we saw that other companies were doing something different with better quality; they were delivering something that we wanted to deliver.” The drive for successful global communications strategies prompted Infovista’s search for the perfect platform, fit for their needs.
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"We looked for a proper platform that would enable us to deliver more sophisticated events. We want to ensure that people are engaged and not necessarily passively in front of the screen when our events are being delivered."


Infovista conducted an internal survey of employees who had previous experience in other companies to bring forth their background knowledge in ascertaining the best solution for their communication strategies. Some respondents revealed that their previous workplace leveraged the InEvent platform for their external events. Afterward, Infovista approached InEvent and other video solution providers to deliver some kind of proof of concept and engage in some test runs. After assessing the pros and cons of all the platforms, Infovista decided to move forward with InEvent.
Infovista InEvent

"What stood out to us is the personalization of the interface, and the ability to really transform the look and feel of the platform from one event to another. I think this was one of the key features at that time that convinced us among other things, in addition to the integration with third party application systems."

Among the tools Infovista utilized were Marketo and Salesforce, though sparingly. What they need the most are engagement solutions and an agency to assist with project management.
“As I said, we needed an agency to help us deal with the project management aspect of the event, which once again requires specific resources and skills. So there is a clear differentiation here between the platform, its management specialization, and everything related to managing the A/V production for speakers.”

Infovista went as far as assessing their attendee experience after the sessions to ensure that the quality of their production is up to standard. They put together a questionnaire that was sent to attendees, so that they could rate their experience on a scale of one to five. “The first edition of the event was rated. When it comes to assessing the attendee experience, the platform was helpful, and we had all the feedback based on the survey.”

"We were delivering the event and someone backstage thought it was great to react to live content as well as setting up the questions on the side and then putting it on screen. We did it quickly and effortlessly. This is an example of how you create a different kind of engagement."

Infovista InEventAnother solution Infovista prioritizes is the live analytics reports. They usually analyze their event attendance overtime—the country their attendees are streaming from, and the kind of experience they’re having. “We are using the platform to complement the feedback that we receive from employees. It’s hard to collate all of these insights especially with a global audience. You have to imagine the kind of workforce. At our previous event, we had people coming from 41 different countries, so we had translated subtitles and pre-recorded content.”

Infovista is pleased with their user experience as they recorded no glitches or issues that would disturb their attendees’ attention rates. The attendees were able to rate their overall streaming experience and they were able to determine if their attendees paid attention to what was being said on the stream or forgot the key messages. These kinds of feedback helped them to improve on the quality of their content.


The outcome of Infovista’s exposure to InEvent’s solutions is sustained usage. Their next challenge is to organize hybrid events. They have plans to manage ticketing, venue, and attendee travel tracking.EAGE Innovations InEvent

"We now look forward to the next events we will be delivering. We hope they will be hybrid, and that we will be able to leverage the next evolution of the InEvent platform."

Make the most out of InEvent’s solutions for your hybrid events and live events, starting with an active subscription on the InEvent platform. You can personalize your events, manage your attendees’ experience, and assess your performance just like Infovista continues to do on the InEvent platform. For more details on how to seize this opportunity, set up a call with us immediately! Go Beyond with InEvent.

  • InEvent profile for Alexandre Le Coq, Global Communications Director @ Infovista
    Our engagement has dramatically improved, and so also our events. InEvent’s got this gamification feature, which I think is very interesting. We’ve been able to leverage polls and quizzes in an absolutely easy and manageable way. To see people respond to the survey, react live, and ask questions were key success factors. Alexandre Le Coq, Global Communications Director @ Infovista

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