Salesforce out the box integration with InEvent

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Salesforce Integration

Powering your customer relationships

InEvent is disrupting and optimizing corporate event management. And Salesforce is the most used CRM in the world.

Naturally, leading companies and agencies are adopting the use of both services to have an accelerated, consistent sales pipeline.

InEvent + Salesforce cloud integration can shape a whole new way of creating a customer centric 360-degree view of your event attendees. Get more results out of your customer database, mitigate risk and enable a frictionless sales process.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM, or Customer Service Management platform. It allows marketing and sales teams to manage applications, leads, new and current customers, deals, and digital marketing.

Salesforce integartion with InEvent

What is InEvent?

InEvent is an enterprise event management platform that helps companies to generate leads, gain new customers, close deals faster and bring smarter approaches to corporate event management.

Does InEvent integrate with Salesforce?

Yes, seamlessly. InEvent + Salesforce integration has been a long awaited feature. And since mid 2019, it’s finally possible via a plug and play, one button integration.

How does InEvent + Salesforce integration work?

Designed for fast deployment, InEvent + Salesforce connector is easy to implement. It provides direct, in-app access, without the need of importing and exporting spreadsheets. Plus, developers can benefit from direct access to a richly documented API.

InEvent integration optimizes the management of corporate events from Salesforce

The Integration between InEvent and Salesforce includes leads synchronization through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, global synchronization with InEvent CRM and integration of feed objects into the Chatter module.

You can view your entire customer life cycle in single or multiple events, tracking which person went to more events (or less), events someone participated in, and how much resources were spent on that person at your events. Integrations with the InEvent platform works two-ways, so data that is synchronized to your Salesforce database will also appear on the InEvent platform.

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InEvent & Salesforce features


Salesforce allows you to automate project management with a variety of possible actions, such as field updates, email submissions, tasks and records creation, along with creating publications on Chatter, Salesforce's social network.


You can get custom reports from the simplest to the most complex. Salesforce provides a wealth of information and options in the analytics panel.


You can access Salesforce on any device, including smartphones. It has an app for iphone, which provides access to contacts, leads and tasks.

Contacts Management:

You can have a complete view of your customers, with information such as activity history, important contacts, and internal discussions related to each account. You can engage in customer targeting, and with a Salesforce Professional license, you can have private accounts and contacts.

Leads Management:

Salesforce enables leads to be tracked from the first contact to the deals closure. It is also possible to integrate them with SEO strategies and Google Adwords campaigns to analyze where the most qualified leads come from.


In the platform, one can manage all email marketing campaigns and know the results of each one. With Pardot Marketing Automation the sales and marketing teams can work together on leads qualification.

Social media:

Social Media Marketing enables users to analyze, publish and engage with the target audience.


Tracking the sales pipeline becomes simpler with Salesforce. In addition, you can analyze and understand the interaction of potential customers and connect them to the sales team quickly through personalized marketing campaigns.

Customer Service:

Reaching customers is simpler with the customer support integration using apps or websites.


The free corporate social media for Salesforce users. There, it is possible to form groups, share documents and integrate platforms with other social media. Chatter is also accessible via mobile, it allows the team to share ideas and opinions, fostering collaboration. You can, for example, receive updates on the progress of any document — pdf, .ppt or .doc — and track the life cycle of a customer request or a sale.

Validation Rules:

To make sure that report generation will not contain incorrect data, you can determine whether the data entered on the platform is valid or not. An example is when a new opportunity arises and its specific origin requires validation. It is then possible to create a determinant to be fulfilled. Therefore, the alert will only be triggered when the opportunity has its origin pre-established


Salesforce’s security model covers features such as profiles, roles, setting permissions, sharing settings and more. All these security possibilities that Salesforce offers is of great value for data maintenance, especially in the wake of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).



Salesforce’s user interface brings a vast possibility of customization without the need for coding knowledge


The news feed and social media function provide the same information to all devices in the same enterprise suite, without additional costs


The ability to use the app via smartphones is very convenient, enabling mobility for professionals


Excellent tracker of opportunities and contacts, allowing the integration between sales and marketing teams



Salesforce customization can be complicated and hard to learn. The administrator needs attention when setting up required fields, access and reports.


Price may be high for smaller companies. The most popular version — Enterprise — starts US$150 per month per user. Cheaper CRM solutions, such as Microsoft's, gain an advantage due to the price tag.


Its reports are not friendly to less experienced professionals compared to competing software. Even reports with the most basic informations may appear daunting

Rich Feldman, Head of Marketing @ Finario

There appears to be a general expectation that with Zoom, you can just have people appear on screen, throw up some PowerPoint slides, and that'll be all good. But it doesn't have to be that way. And I think that's what ultimately attracted us to InEvent, because it had this nice blend of quality video, sound, and native integrations with systems we already used, such as Salesforce. When it added those studio features, that's what really tipped our choice in their favor.

Rich Feldman, Head of Marketing @ Finario


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